Hi, I am Tim

I design, code and develop online learning.

I have been an e-learning and web developer for the last 20 years.

Over the last few years I have been getting into UX Design, this site was started on 22 October 2020 to document some of that journey.


A scroll back through a selected archive of my work

Tool stack

Exporting from Sketch


I use Sketch to create, prototype, collaborate, and bring ideas to life
Testing user flow on sketch prototypes in Useberry


Useberry is an amazing zero code way of running Usability tests on Sketch prototypes
Twig file in VS Code

VS Code

It took a while to move to VS Code as been a big fan of Panic's Coda
Optimal Sort best merge method

Optimal Workshop

OptimalSort is great card sorting activities and helps identify how people group and label ideas
User flow, Flowmapp


FlowMapp, has is useful for: User Flows, Sitemaps, Personas and Customer Journey Maps
Adobe Photoshop 2.5 installation desks

Adobe Photoshop

Where it all started for me back in 1995 when my Photography tutor introduced me to Photoshop

UX Design Process

The UX Design process is different for each project and depends multiple factors, but at basic level it usually involves: 

User research 

e.g. Usability tests, Interviews, Surveys, Competitive Benchmarking, Card sorting, A/B testing, Heuristics and Reviewing analytics

Affinity diagrams

Affinity diagrams are great way of collaboratively apply structure to your raw user research

User goals

Customer journey maps are often used to translate UX research data into a structure document. Other methods include: Personas, Customer value curve or Empathy maps

Information Architecture

There various process and tools for refining user flows, personally i use:

  • OptimalSort for Card sorting activities to workshop the initial categories
  • Flowmapp to user flows and site maps


Not many people see my hand sketches, but the an important of the process and saves lots of time in prototype


I am big fan of Sketch for UX/UI design work, and it can be used for Low and Medium Fidelity Prototypes 

Wireframes and developer hand-off

As a Front end developer, I also use Sketch to hand-off my own designs to VS Code; however as develop I appreciate how much quicker development is when a UX designer provides detailed Wireframes.