Enlightend Eye

The  Enlightened Eye is a museum interactive designed to enhance visitor experience of mineral specimens. The Enlightened Eye supports a system of planetary gears allowing mineral samples to be examined sequentially by a digital microscope. Using a touch screen and a specially designed interface, visitors can annotate and select close up views to make unique responses that can be shared online. The seeming archaic technology and the kinetic machine styling is an evocation of the camera obscura and the orrery.

The manual controls are positioned to encourage visitors to cooperate, engender collaboration and enhance participation. These considerations conform to a programme of aesthetic design and affordance, aimed to support memorable interactions and meaning making. Additionally by inviting virtual and material inspection and response, the Enlightened Eye aims to enhance the objects under scrutiny. The Enlightened Eye is an installation by Jason Cleverly. Developed in collaboration with Tim Shear, and Commissioned by Liskeard and District Museum.

The project was funded by Caradon Hill Area Heritage Project and Falmouth University.